Value Creation is the ultimate aim of any Transaction that is Mergers and Acquisitions and Joint Venture. We assist evaluating the opportunities, advising you about the transaction strategy, transaction structuring and processes to be adopted for successful outcome with tax efficient structure and minimum transaction cost.

Corporate Finance

  • Corporate Reorganization through Acquisition or Take Over or through Subsidiarisation, Demerger, Divestiture, Spin Off and Equity Carve Out
  • In respect of M&A we assist in finding and approaching targets, identifying business, growth, preparation of information memorandum, negotiating the deal, acquisition and exit strategy
  • In respect of JV, we assist in sourcing of JV partner, negotiation and finalization of JV / collaboration structure, capital fund management, documents and permissions
  • Disposals, divestments and spin-offs- finding and approaching buyers, negotiating best value, ensuring business continuity, information memorandum and options appraisals
  • Advisory Services for Equity Fund raising through Private equity or HNI or IPO
  • Debt syndication both short term and long term through Bank s and Financial Institutions and NBFCs, debt swap and loan restructuring

Transaction Support Services

  • Financial, Tax and Secretarial Due Diligence for Acquirer and Vendor / Target
  • Structuring Service
  • Post Deal Services


  • Business Valuation
  • Regulatory Valuation

Corporate Law Services

Company Law Advisory Services

  • Corporate Reorganization through Merger and Amalgamation or Acquisition or Take Over or through Subsidiarisation, Demerger, Divestiture, Spin Off and Equity Carve Out
  • Conversion of One type of Form of Business entity to another that is advising and implementing Conversion of Partnership Firm to LLP or Limited Company or LLP to Company and conversion of Limited Company to LLP
  • Advise on Structuring and Restructuring of Capital
  • Joint Ventures and Collaborations
  • Advisory Services in respect of Company Law, SEBI, FEMA & RBI
  • Secretarial Transaction support Services (Due Diligence) for both Acquirer and Target

Setting Up Of Business

We provide end to end solution to client for Registration of:

Limited Companies Private Limited Companies
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Non Banking Finance Company
Sec. 8 Companies (Companies with Charitable objects, etc.) Other Entities as the case may be

In case of overseas companies which would like to set up operations in India, we advise such Companies whether to form Subsidiary Company, Branch Office, Liaison office etc and submit detail report to client elaborating Pros and Cons of each options including impact of Direct and Indirect Taxes, Company Law, FEMA provisions etc.

Regulatory Compliances & Approvals - Company Law

  • Obtaining Directors' Identification Numbers (DIN) and Digital signatures
  • Change of Name / Object Clause / Registered Office of the Company /LLP
  • Change in Board Composition and committees and Managerial Appointments and Remuneration
  • Issue of share certificates, duplicate share certificates, sub division, splitting, consolidation, re classification, Forfeiture and cancellation of shares etc and Dematerialization/ Rematerialization of securities
  • Issue of share warrants/ Rights issue/ Bonus Issue/ Sweat Equity/ Preferential Issue/ Private Placement of securities
  • Issue of ADR / GDR / FCCB / IDR
  • Change in Authorized and Paid up Capital of the Company
  • Preparation of documents for creation and modification and satisfaction of charges
  • Maintenance of Statutory records and minute books under Companies Law Preparation of Notices, Agenda and Minutes for Board Meetings, Annual General Meetings / Extra-ordinary General Meetings
  • ROC approval for Extension of time for holding AGM
  • Compliances and approvals in respect of issue of Public Deposits / NCDs etc
  • Advising and Compliance for Related Party Transactions
  • Annual Return Certification and filing
  • Conversion of financial data to XBRL mode and filing of the same with MCA
  • Compounding of offences under Company Law
  • Postal Ballot Assignments and acting as Scrutinizer
  • NCLT approval for extension of financial year
  • Preparation, Certification and Filling of various e forms, returns etc on MCA Portal

Compliance As Per Securities Law & Regulations

  • SEBI & Stock Exchange - Certifications, Filing and Reporting
  • Legal / Secretarial due diligence process in relation to IPOs, FCCB issues
  • Obtaining various approvals in co-ordination with the lead merchant bankers
  • Preferential Issues / Private Placements
  • Right Issues and Bonus issues
  • Procedural formalities in relation to issuance of ESOP
  • Compliances under Listing Agreements, SEBI (ICDR) Guidelines
  • Compliances under Corporate Governance
  • Secretarial Audit & Certifications under Listing Agreements, Company Law & other relevant corporate laws
  • Compliance with SEBI Takeover Code including assistance with Open Offers
  • Insider Trading Compliances
  • Delisting of Securities
  • Buy back of Securities by a Listed Entity

Compliance As Per RBI & FEMA Regulations

  • Setting up of Joint Venture Company in India and Advising on JV / collaboration agreement and coordinating with legal firms for the same
  • Opening of Liaison and branch offices or subsidiary company in India
  • Liaison with Reserve Bank of India / Secretariat of Industrial Approvals / Foreign Investment Promotion Board etc. and obtaining necessary approvals
  • Permissions for External Commercial Borrowings
  • Obtaining various permissions from RBI under FEMA
  • Compounding of offences under FEMA
  • Preparation & filing of Form FC-GPR with RBI through AD and Annual Return regarding Foreign Assets & Liabilities
  • Issue of certificate for issue/allotment of shares to NRI under FDI route
  • Other Services in respect of Inbound and Outbound Investments
  • Registration of NBFCs with the Reserve Bank of India
  • Take over of NBFCs
  • Filing of necessary forms, resolutions, certificates with RBI in respect of existing NBFCs
  • Advising company on financial and regulatory parameter to be comply as per RBI norms

Business Closure

  • Voluntary Winding up or Winding up of the Company by the Tribunal or by any other authority
  • Liaison with the office of the Official Liquidator for closure of Branch Office/ Liaison office / Project Office of foreign companies
  • Strike off the name of a Dormant Company from the Register of Dormant Companies
  • Closure of the Company under Section 248 (2) of the Companies Act, 2013
  • Verification of company information in winding up cases

Risk Advisory

Internal Control

We make assessment of internal controls in the organization to verify whether:

  1. The internal control envisaged by the management is in place or not
  2. It is adequate or needs to be strengthen further
  3. It is commensurate with the size and nature of business operations and also working effectively

Subsequent to above internal control assessment, we provide practical recommendations to improve and strengthen controls where there are gaps and weaknesses so that process fall in line with the best practices.

The methodology followed by Affluence for review of Internal Controls is as follows:

  • Identify, evaluate and prioritize key business and process risks
  • List of mitigating internal controls
  • Map business processes and evaluate internal controls
  • Test internal controls for effectiveness with structured walk - thru tests
  • Recommend best practices and improvements in internal controls, business processes & financial reporting

Internal Audits

Internal Audit is not only the Regulatory requirements but also it is Business need. The companies Act, 2013 has made it mandatory for listed entity and certain unlisted entities to carry out Internal Audit. We at Affluence:

  • Effectively support the audit committee oversight
  • Enable the directors to discharge their accountability and governance responsibility
  • Provide independent Control Assurance for all key risks
  • Provide feedback on business controls & compliance
  • Monitor transparent financial reporting & MIS
  • Verify Compliance with SOPs & ethical guidelines
  • Verity Compliance with statutory & regulatory environment
  • Recommend Best Practices
  • Assist Prevention of frauds & errors

Corporate Governance

  • Assisting companies to set up Whistle-Blower policy
  • Preparation of Audit Committee Charter
  • Assisting Company for compliances with clause 49 of the listing agreement including Audit Committee requirements
  • Monitoring Regulatory Compliance Process and Reporting to Audit Committee
  • Mapping, review & testing of internal controls and processes for purposes of supporting Board certifications. Infact, the Companies Act 2013 requires the Directors of listed companies in the Directors Responsibility Statement to state that they have laid down internal financial controls to be followed by the company and that such internal financial controls are adequate & operating effectively
  • Preparation of Business Code of Conduct Document

Enterprise Risk Management Framework

Rapid and continuous change in the business environment is encouraging management to increasingly become more risk focused and therefore there is need for companies either to strengthen their risk management procedures or implement a robust Enterprise Risk Management Framework to consolidate their fragmented risk management activities.

Service Offerings
  • Organization may adopt risk frame work suitable to its needs. We assist organization to move from Risk Naïve to Risk Enabled Level
  • We at Affluence assist companies establish a risk management framework for identifying, assessing and reporting on significant risk matters to the Board of Directors and senior management
  • We help clients improve their risk management function and ultimately create strong risk awareness across various layers of organization for sustained business benefits
  • For this purpose we have bank of risks by process and industry segments, desired controls by each risk and collection of major issues and best practices

Tax Advisory & Litigation Service

The efforts of any management in modern business environment are towards enhancing a shareholder's value. The Taxes, both Direct and Indirect and international tax are no longer a passive charge on profits but it is considered as dynamic account and has significant impact on the bottom line

Our Tax Advisory and Tax Litigation handles following Services:

Corporate Tax

  • Slot in tax strategies into business plans
  • Tax modeling, entailing validating of tax assumptions in financial models
  • Transaction advisory
  • Preparation / review / filing of Corporate Tax Returns
  • Applications to tax authorities including for lower tax deductions
  • Certifications

Individual / Partnership / LLP

  • Computation of Tax Liabilities
  • Filing of Tax Returns
  • Application to tax authorities including for lower tax deductions
  • Certifications
  • Compensation / Salary Structuring
  • Planning for Partners Remuneration, Profit Sharing, Interest to be withdrawn from the Firm

Litigation Support

  • Assisting making Submissions and Representation before Assessing Officer
  • Drafting and filing of Appeal / Application to first and second appellate authority that is CIT (A) and ITAT
  • Preparing submissions and Representation before CIT Appeal
  • Stay Petitions
  • Review of actual documentation and tax position adopted by the Client over the years to suggest the most appropriate course of action

International Tax

Rapid and continuous change in the business environment is encouraging management to increasingly become more risk focused and therefore there is need for companies either to strengthen their risk management procedures or implement a robust Enterprise Risk Management Framework to consolidate their fragmented risk management activities.

Service Offerings
  • Jurisdiction analysis and Permanent Establishment exposure study
  • Capital / ownership structuring and Inbound investment structuring
  • Operating model structuring
  • Seeking regulatory approvals
  • Identifying & optimizing tax incentives

Transfer Pricing<

Rapid and continuous change in the business environment is encouraging management to increasingly become more risk focused and therefore there is need for companies either to strengthen their risk management procedures or implement a robust Enterprise Risk Management Framework to consolidate their fragmented risk management activities.

Service Offerings
  • TP Planning - Preparation of Project Plan, Information gathering, Functional Analysis and Search strategy formulation
  • TP Compliances - Judicious Justification of Arms Length, Report in compliance with Indian TP regulations
  • TP Assessments

Indirect tax

The indirect tax structure in India is overtly complex on account of overlapping taxes administered by Central, State and local jurisdictions. Moreover, this tax regime is governed by frequent notifications, circulars, trade notices etc. and many a times conflicting with well-established judicial position. It is procedural and compliance driven law. Indirect Tax poses great challenge for most of the organizations.

Indirect taxes directly impact cost of goods and service, cash flow, profitability and ultimately stakeholder value. Any lapse in recovering tax at transaction stage would result in adverse commercial implications. It is imperative for business entities to examine its tax structures, undertake in-depth analysis of the tax costs and thrive for tax optimization. Precise documentation and compliance is must to be on the right side of the law.

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) is radical tax reform and will soon become reality. It will result in to comprehensive tax base and virtually all goods and services will be taxable. While GST promises to be a game-changer, it will impact tax incidence, credit utilization, compliances and will require complete overhaul of the indirect tax system of business entities. Business entities will have to reevaluate their supply chain, renegotiate contracts with customers/vendors and reset tax practices.

Qualitative support from experienced professionals will go long way for tax optimization and healthy compliance.

With more than 100+ man years’ experience under its belt coupled with excellent technical knowledge, profound experience and philosophy to be co-custodian of clients’ tax matters, our team is able to successfully cater to scores of clients spread across diverse industries and business fields. Our team is specialized to support business entities to assess impact of GST on cash flow, profitability and overall business objectives. Out of box thinking coupled with our ability to identify and employ opportunities assists the clients in tax optimization whilst keeping litigation to minimum.

We believe that wisdom should prevail while structuring transaction so as to mitigate risk and avoid long drawn and never ending litigations. Knowledge and wisdom imparted by our senior partners are not only valued by our clients but are also valued by departmental authorities.


Our standardized Processes and customized audit plan concentrates on the business areas significant to your financial statements.

Over View:

Assurance and accounting services are directed towards supporting stakeholders such as lenders and investors. Our standardized Processes and customized audit plan concentrates on the business areas significant to your financial statements.

Audit Related Services

Will be updated soon

Information Compilation

Preparation of various information pertaining to Audit under Companies Act and Tax Audit and Transfer Pricing Audit under Income Tax Act

Conversion Of Financial Statements

Conversion of financial statements for international reporting or for international comparative in compliance IFRS / US GAAP

Compliance Audit

Regulatory Compliance is cause of concern for every management. Our team with specific regulatory acquaintance and understanding about the subject focus, Audit on all fours with regulatory requirements

Inspection Audit

The Audit is directed towards specific audit areas as per requirement of Management or Banks

Accounts Process Outsourcing

Affluence provides team as per company requirements at its door steps.

Over View:

In the fast changing environment getting and retaining skilled staff is a challenge. Specially in the case of SMEs, in the absence of Accounting Manual and monitoring and other controls, the change of accounting staff disturbs the functioning of Accounts and Finance vertical. This may lead to chaos in the organization. Similarly, continuous changes in Law is a known fact and in house staff many times not equipped with adequate knowledge miss outs the provisions which results in either short or excess payment of taxes or non compliances.

To cope up with this situation, the organization requires continuity of skilled people. Affluence provides team as per company requirements at its door steps.

APO Services

  • Book Keeping - Data Entries in clients software
  • Statutory Compliances - Working of Statutory liabilities and filing of Returns
  • Management Information Reports - As per Management requirements
  • Over view of Internal Controls - Suggest changes in the internal control at Macro Level
  • Preparation of Financial Statements as per revised Schedule VI of Companies Act
  • Monthly and Quarterly Meet with clients for discussing the reports generated
  • Coordinating with Banks and Financial Institutions for Fund Raising
  • Coordinating with Legal Firms for Documentations
  • Data and documents compilations - in case of Due Diligence or other Transaction, Tax Representations