Accounts Outsourcing

accounts outsourcing



In the fast-changing environment, procuring and retaining skilled staff is a challenge. Especially in the case of SMEs, in the absence of accounting manual and monitoring and other controls, the change of accounting staff disturbs the functioning of accounts and finance vertical. Further, in-house staff may not be updated with changes in tax and corporates, which may lead to non-compliance. Affluence provides a team as per company requirements at its doorsteps.




Our offerings

  • Book Keeping – Data entries in clients’ software
  • Statutory Compliances – Working of statutory liabilities and filing of returns
  • Management Information Reports – As per Management requirements
  • Overview of internal controls – suggest changes in the internal control at Macro Level
  • Preparation of financial statements as per Companies Act
  • Providing information to the Statutory Auditors
  • Monthly and Quarterly meet with clients for discussing the reports generated
  • Coordinating with banks and financial institutions for fundraising
  • Coordinating with legal firms for documentations
  • Data and documents compilations – in case of due diligence, tax representations