Initial Public Offer

initial public offer



On the journey of transformation of a private company into a public company, success depends a great deal on a coordinated team effort by the internal management and the advisory team. Affluence Team provides FINE BALANCE to the Company by shouldering the responsibilities to provide a bundle of information and documentation and certificates to several agencies/intermediaries involved in this time-sensitive journey.

We at Affluence support the Company on every phase of this IPO journey by deputing our team for the IPO project.


Our offerings

  • Obtaining internal and external approvals, statutory filings and disclosures, and compliance with ICDR regulation
  • Support strategic initiative and pre IPO transactions eg, acquisition or group restructuring
  • Address Ownership, Tax, and Compliances issues
  • Assist in due diligence activities including collation of materials, data room management, and coordinating with all the Parties
  • Documentation and filing for Restructuring of the Board and committees
  • Adopt leading corporate governance practice and reporting process
  • Implement financial reporting procedure
  • Assist in preparation of Restated Financial Information
  • Guidance on Accounting Policies and Assistance on Accounts closing
  • Providing relevant information for drafting the offer document
  • Guidance and support for Post Listing SEBI requirements