Income-tax Act, 1961 permitting deferral of the timing of TDS deduction on ESOP prerequisite from the employees. Section 19

ESOP are employee benefit plans that offer employees ownership interest in the organization they work. In other words, ESOP

Owning a home is a significant milestone in a person’s life, representing a substantial financial and emotional inves

Central Government vide its notification dt: May 3, 2023 and May 9, 2023 has amended the definition of ‘Persons carrying

Capital Gains Tax applies if Non-Residents sell any House Property in India. The Tax is payable on gains depending on wheth

Income Tax return filing is mandatory if Total Income of an Individual exceeds maximum amount which is not chargeable to in

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) vide its notification dated April 17, 2023 has notified new rules w.r.t Companies (

What is Redevelopment?

Redevelopment refers to the process of reconstruct

Over the last decade, there have been a lot of changes in the spending habits of the average Indian. Today, credit cards ar

Traditionally, India has been a debit card market. However, credit cards have witnessed tremendous growth in recent times.


  • Old Regime w

SEBI had vide its Circular dt: November 26, 2018 (for equity listed entities) and SEBI Circular dt: August 10, 2021 (‘For

In recent times, ROC has been diligently suspecting the non-compliance and passing stringent orders against the Company and

Bombay Stock Exchange (‘BSE’) and National Stock Exchange (‘NSE’) [‘Stock Exchanges’] had vide their circulars

NSE vide Circular dated March 29, 2023 has announced the Review of Securities available for trading under “permitted to t

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