Valuation opinion requires the right blend of analysis, experience and professional judgement. Our team has a Registered Valuer as required under section 247 of the Companies Act, 2013 and the member is also empaneled with the IBBI.

Due Diligence

We provide financial, tax and corporate law due diligence support to our clients for inbound and outbound transactions. Our process also establishes the risk profile for an investment and supplements the validation of business assumptions and valuation benchmarks being used.


ESOPs are one of the important tools to attract and retain employees and have long term career with the organization. The client can consider one or more of the following types of plans, with variations in the specific terms to make it relevant to its business needs and objectives.

RBI / FEMA Compliance

There are several compliances specified under FEMA for Indian Companies having FDI and ODI (Indian entities having investments in overseas Joint Venture and/or Wholly Owned Subsidiary). The importance of FEMA compliances is indispensable considering the fact there are penal consequences in case of non-compliances.

NBFC Registration and Compliances

We carry experience of 15 years for registration of the NBCF with the RBI or carry out the process for change in management and control of the NBFC. Subsequent to such registration / acquisition, we provide regular NBFC compliances to be followed by the NBFC. We have Registered NBFC for ex bankers from private banks, stock broking house and other entrepreneurs.


FinTech Companies are broadly categorized into digital payments or digital lending Companies. At Affluence, we assist FinTech Companies to obtain relevant licenses and approvals from RBI / other authorities and further offer advisory and statutory compliance services to these FinTech Companies engaged in the following business.

Foreign Entities

India has emerged as one of the most attractive destinations not only for investments but also for doing business. India jumps 79 positions from 142nd (2014) to 63rd (2019) in ‘World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Ranking 2020. We at Affluence Advisory Private Limited provide a comprehensive range of services for setting up Foreign Entities and their compliances across India. The team consists of Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, and other Professionals to cater to the requirements of Foreign Entities.

Company Secretarial Compliances

We provide the entire gamut of Corporate Law Services, essential in rapidly changing regulatory and corporate environment.

SEBI Registration and Compliances

SEBI plays an important role in regulating all the players operating in the Indian capital markets. It attempts to protect the interest of investors and aims at developing the capital markets by enforcing various rules and regulations. At Affluence, we offer registration and compliance services.

Stressed Asset Resolution under IBC

We provide advisory and support services to the corporates/other entities, devising and structuring solutions for stress mitigation in their enterprises/units. The Advisory and Support services extended by our team, include the following.

Initial Public Offer

On the journey of transformation of a private company into a public company, success depends a great deal on a coordinated team effort by the internal management and the advisory team. Affluence Team provides FINE BALANCE to the Company by shouldering the responsibilities to provide bundle of information and documentations and certificates to several agencies / intermediaries involved in this time sensitive journey.

Direct Tax

The efforts of any management in modern business environment are towards enhancing a shareholder’s value. The taxes (both direct and indirect) and international tax, are no longer a passive charge on profits but it is considered as dynamic account and has significant impact on the bottom line.

Indirect Tax

We at Affluence, adopt a comprehensive approach for implementation and compliances related to the GST and with an object to offer seamless services to our clients listed below.

Accounts Outsourcing

In the fast-changing environment, procuring and retaining skilled staff is a challenge. Specially in the case of SMEs, in the absence of accounting manual and monitoring and other controls, the change of accounting staff disturbs the functioning of accounts and finance vertical. Further, in house staff may not be updated with changes in tax and corporates, which may lead to non-compliance. Affluence provides team as per company requirements at its doorsteps.

Risk Advisory

Today’s businesses across the globe increasingly seek better decision-making and stronger internal controls in order to attain greater shareholder value.

Startup and MSME Advisory

‘Startup India’ is a flagship initiative of the Government of India, intended to catalyze startup culture and build a strong and inclusive ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in India. MSMEs in India have made significant contribution to production, exports and employment generation. The country has witnessed several unicorns in short span of time. At Affluence we are part of journey of such successful Start ups/MSME.


Assurance and accounting services are directed towards supporting stakeholders such as lenders and investors. Our standardized Processes and customized audit plan concentrates on the business areas significant to your financial statements.

Directors Due Diligence

Director stand in a fiduciary position with the Company and Director will be held liable if Director do not act diligently in discharging his/her duties.